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date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 12:00:59 -0800 (PST)
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subject: Re: Fw: New Study Questions Kyoto Global Warming Data

Hello all. Ah ha--the latest idiot--McKitrick--reenters the scene. He and
another incompetent had a book signing party at the US Capitol--Mike
MacCracken went and he can tell you about it--last summer. McKitrick also
had an article--oped, highly refereed of course--in the Canadian National
Post on June 4 this year. Here is the URL that worked back then:

It was a scream. He argued there is no such thing as global temperature
change, just local--all natural variablity mostly. To prove this he had a
graph of temperature trends in Erie Pennsylvania for the past 50 years
(this is from memory) which showed a cooling. THat alone proves nothing,
but when reading the caption I noticed the trend was for temperature in
October and November!! So one station for two months consitituted his
"refutation" of global warming--another even dumber than Lomborg economist
way out of depth and polemicizing. I showed it to a class of Stanford
freshman, and one of them said: "I wonder how many records for various
combinations of months they had to run through to find one with a cooling
trend?" THe freshman was smarter than this bozo. It is improtant to get
that op-ed to simply tell all reporters how unbelievably incompetent he
is, and should not even be given the time of day over climate issues, for
which his one "contribution" is laughably incompetent. By the way, the
Henderson/Castles stuff he mentions is also mostly absurd, but that is a
longer discussion you all don't need to get into--check it out in the UCS
response to earlier Inhofe polemics with answers I gave them on
Henderson/Castles if you want to know more about their bad economics on
top of their bad climate science. "Enjoy", CHeers, Steve
PS More on Henderson/Castles can be downloaded from my still password
protected website--still being edited:
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> Michael, this was on the Heartland Institute's website - it is an article
> by one of the coauthors of the new study, ross mckitrick. Perhaps you have
> run across this before?
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