date: Sat, 07 Apr 2007 14:27:50 +0200
from: Stefan Rahmstorf <REDACTED>
subject: urgent help re Augusto Mangini
to: Jonathan Overpeck <REDACTED>, Keith Briffa <REDACTED>, Eystein Jansen <REDACTED>

Dear Peck and IPCC coauthors,

- I know it's Easter, but I'm having to deal with
Augusto Mangini, a German colleague who has just written an article
calling the IPCC paleo chapter "wrong", claiming it has been warmer in the
Holocene than now, and stalagmites show much larger temperature
variations than tree rings but IPCC ignores them. What should I answer?

One of my points is that IPCC shows all published large-scale proxy
reconstructions but there simply is none using stalagmites - so please
tell me if this is true?!! My main point will be the local vs
hemispheric issue, saying that Mangini only provides local examples,
while the IPCC statement is about hemispheric or global averages.

But how about local variations - do stalagmites show much larger ones
than tree rings? Any suggestions what other counter-arguments I could
write? Do we have a stalagmite expert on the author team, other than contributing
author Dominik Fleitmann, whom I've already identified?
I have to submit my response to the newspaper tomorrow.

Thanks, Stefan

Stefan Rahmstorf

Stefan Rahmstorf